weekly miscellany: vol. 3

~ pregnancy update
40weeks and 4days pregnant, and still no baby.

i tried castor oil today around ten, threw up once around noon, and the rest of the day went on as usual. i tried taking it again a little bit ago, but i couldn't get any of it down without immediately throwing up. i had high hopes for the castor oil.

so now i've tried pretty much everything--the fun ways and the not so fun ways. tomorrow i'm going to try running, since that worked for one of my friends. then i guess i'll do whatever other craziness google suggests. mercy!

monday is my next doctor appointment; i'm praying hard that she'll come before then.

~ around the home
my mom is still here, and zu has finally started calling her something ("gaggi"). zu's vocabulary has exploded this past week--new words include "bubbles," "puzzle," "purple," "hop," among others. my sister came and went back, since who knows when this baby will come. my house is perfectly clean and ready, and we're almost done with our 3rd thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle.

~ in the notebook
i had three poems accepted for an anthology of poems; guess what the theme is? "the longest hours: thoughts while waiting". ironic.

~ favorite links this week:

Why Do We Need Men? { Sarah M. Wells }


  1. "The Longest Hours: Thoughts While Waiting"...haha! Wow. That is perfect. Hopefully running will help! I never tried running, but I did usually walk 5-6 miles everyday during the 40th week with Milo. I did notice that it brought on contractions (I guess Braxton-Hicks for me, though). Keep eating a pineapple a day, too! It ripens the cervix (supposedly). I went into labor with Milo when I was 5 days overdue, so maybe today or tomorrow will be your lucky day!!! :D

  2. Oh, and as someone surrounded by men and little men, I definitely liked that article. :) Not to sound anti-feminist, but I hate how girls and women are referred to as "boys plus" or "men plus" in society today - as in, we can do everything a man can do and then some - thereby rendering men useless. I feel like men have less respect and greater challenges in today's society than they've ever had before. I'd rather celebrate the diversity and unique gifts they bring to relationships and families.