41 weeks!

i've been in very slow labor for two days now. saturday contractions started out 12 minutes apart and mild, by yesterday morning they were 8 minutes apart and a little stronger, and now they're five minutes apart and hurt (but obviously aren't taking all my concentration).

i have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning. they had wanted to induce me tonight originally, but i didn't feel comfortable with it, so i had asked to get checked monday morning and go from there (but they won't let me wait any longer than tomorrow--and neither will my family!). so in the morning i suspect that when i go in my doctor will want to put me on pitocin, things going as slowly as they are.

bryan and my family are very nervous at this point. my mom keeps telling me to just get c-sectioned "and let them cut that baby out of you!". my plan is to get on the pitocin if i have to but to see if they'll take it off once it gets things going a little faster, and i still want to refuse the epidural, which might be hard to do, since i think that once bryan sees me in pain he'll want me to get one. i've been doing my best to hide any pain i felt yesterday but i guess it comes through on my face sometimes.

right now everything is quiet, dark and peaceful in the house. everyone is sleeping. it is a blessing to have this alone time before whatever it is i may face tomorrow. as much as i want things to go a certain way, i know that i don't have complete control of how things will progress -- or i would've had june a week ago! -- and that the safety of the baby is the most important thing.

please pray for my family to calm down, for me to be brave and for june to be born safely and soon

** update **

back at home, still in labor, and making progress~! my doctor sent me back home even though i'm 4 to 5 cm and almost entirely effaced--she said since we live close that i can just do what would make me most comfortable. i'm so happy! i hope that the baby comes soon!


  1. 4-5! almost entirely effaced! woohoo! you're doing great.

  2. ah! so so so glad the doctor said you could go home and labor there! hurrah! praying for you two-- peace and rest and a healthy delivery!

  3. YAY! What a good doctor. I will pray that your family will calm down. :) My family would be the same way, so I completely understand.

  4. Oh, what wonderful news! I'm thinking of you! With Finn, my second, I was having contractions for maybe four days? I had a schedule c-section after all VBAC opportunities were eliminated, so I know how frustrating those ridiculous slow-spaced (pre-labor? almost-active-labor?) contractions are.