40 weeks!

Baby Size? the doctor's guess is she's probably about eight pounds

Weight Gain? a little more than last time, just at 30lbs. though if my doctor lets me go 2 weeks over, then i'm sure it will end up being much more than that!

Stretch Marks? ugh yes, and they're awful, i think they are worse than last time

Foods i'm loving: i really want chinese food all the time, but the salt isn't good for me, so i've been holding off. also, my mom is in town, so our house is flooded with sweets. icecream yum.

Foods i'm hating:  pizza, mexican, ground beef, ground turkey. who knows, things still make me randomly sick.

Sleep?  some nights i wake up at 2 or 3AM and can't go back to sleep for a few hours, but mostly i've been sleeping ok.

Symptoms?  i'm to that point in pregnancy where people sympathetically rub my belly and say "come out little baby!" when i go to church. people are also surprised to see me whenever i go out anywhere.

What i miss: i'm looking forward to fitting into my clothes again. june dropped last monday, and suddenly none of my maternity clothes cover my belly. zu never dropped until she was being born so i didn't have that experience last time.

What i'm looking forward to: having this baby!

Emotions? i feel a little impatient for her to get here--zu started to come 2 days before her due date so i'm more pregnant than i've ever been! i've been going walking everyday to try to get things started; i'm hoping my doctor will tell me that there's more progress when i go in on wednesday. but maybe she will come before then!


  1. I don't really think Charlotte ever dropped either, so I don't know what that's like. It's so interesting how every pregnancy is different-even for the same person! I hope she comes soon!

    1. i've kept expecting june to come the same way zu did but zu didn't come late so already things are different! hopefully she will come tonight!

  2. I have terrible stretch marks, too - I can't tell which are old ones stretched out from last time and which are new. I'm thinking of going hardcore with Mederma this time around. I bought some Mederma last time but I was so sleep deprived I never followed the directions on it and ended up applying it about once a week or just randomly and then it was too expensive for me to buy a second tube. I think I might really invest in it this time, though, since I'd like to wait a while before our next baby and hopefully get into better shape!

    I love Chinese food! If we still lived in Jackson, we could make a pregger-woman run to New Hong Kong...of course, they're closed now... :( I still say they had the best Chinese food of all.

    1. ah it really was the best! its the standard by which i judge all other chinese take-out. i've heard good things about mederma. last time i used coconut lotion and it worked well for me. but no one sees it but bryan who doesn't care anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter lol