a flurry of activity

i drafted 6 poems this month! and three of these were last week, in one night! and there's even another week left in this month, which could mean more poems!

my persona class has inspired me. in two poems i revisited the persona of biblical leah which i've written about some before, and in two other poems i wrote on a new persona, the funeral director's daughter.

don't ask me how those two will ever make sense in a book together; i just work on one poem at a time.

february i plan to get caught up on revision; unless of course the poems keep coming, in which case i will hold off on revision until a dry spell hits.


and i added something to my life goals last week--i am going to try to write a novel. preferably a sci-fi, like what i used to love to write in elementary and high school. my parents still talk about how creepy my fiction is compared to my nice poetry (like "thank goodness you aren't writing those creepy stories like you did as a kid!").  i'd like to write something exactly like anything by ray bradbury. my inner child & teenage self is deliciously happy with this new goal.


  1. I love your new goal! If you ever want to have novel-writing nights, I'm totally up for it!!! Is this something you want to start in the near future, or is it a goal for later?

  2. i'm not really sure yet! i don't really know how to get started or fully what i'm going to write about, just the type of book i want to write. i was thinking of reading through this book:


    so i could get an outline done (maybe not necessarily in a month) then go from there?