18 weeks!

bryan, zu and i are enjoying our lovely three-day weekend (four-day for me because of my work schedule, yay!). the sun is shining, it is unseasonably warm, and zu has resumed her beautiful sleeping-through-the-night schedule. hallelujah. and something about the sunshine makes it easier to remember all the things i have to be grateful for.

on another note, it's been a while since i've updated you on the littlest emerson. i'm almost-halfway there--how quickly this pregnancy has gone!


Baby size: sweet potato

Weight gain: i lost weight when i was sick then gained it back over christmas break; i think overall i'm about 5 or 6 lbs over what i was when i got pregnant. not too bad for being almost-halfway-there!

Stretch marks: none yet. i'm using this bio-oil stuff that i found at my inlaws when i was cleaning out their junk room (melinda said i could take whatever i found that interested me. in addition to the bio-oil, i got a little disco ball for zu's room, some lightbulbs, and some hats for zu's dressup box). i still have faint stretch marks from zu, hopefully i won't get new ones

Belly button in or out: in--it never popped out with zu. i hope it doesn't, that would freak me out.

Sleep: not too bad, just a little bit of aching in my hips (as they expand--yay) that makes me toss and turn some. but generally if zu sleeps, i sleep.

Foods I am loving: seafood, but of course that has to be limited. also i made fried pickles last week and i could've eaten those all day long.

Foods I am hating: milk, too many sweets, spicy food (the heartburn of last pregnancy has returned).

Best moment this week: after almost two weeks of rain and yucky weather, we have beautiful sunshiney warm days over the long weekend, and bryan, zu and i have been enjoying those sunny days together. it is wonderful having bryan home at night over the entire weekend (the library he works nights at was closed too).

Movement: yes! i've felt this baby for a while now--flips and a few little kicks.

Symptoms: morning sickness, but its controllable as long as i eat lots of snacks and don't stay in the car too long. and nesting, big-time. i tend to nest the entire pregnancy. my house is never cleaner than by month 8 of pregnancy--and never in more disarray than the month after having the baby.

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender next week! bryan and i think that we're having another girl, but maybe we will be surprised!

Emotions: excited and optimistic about life


  1. So fun! What day next week do you have your appointment? I can't wait to hear the gender. :)

  2. it's thursday the 31st--just a week and a half and we'll know!

  3. Are you going to announce right away or wait? :)

  4. right away! expect a text (do you have texting again?) around 11 or noonish on thursday =) we're telling family/friends first then i'll probably post on my blog and maybe facebook too later that day. we only kept it a secret for a while last time because our parents were coming in town and we wanted to tell them in person

  5. ** not this thursday, the next

  6. A) I'm also very excited about this whole gender thing ;-)

    B) Have you ever tried club soda for nausea and heartburn? It always helps me when my regular GERD medicine doesn't work enough.

    C) SWEET POTATO! He/she is getting SO BIG!

  7. Ohhh, I can't believe you find out the gender so soon!! Your pregnancy has gone by really quickly, at least for me, haha. :)

  8. oh its gone quick for me too! i think life moves faster when you've got a toddler in the home =)

  9. I do have text now! You can just text my new number...do you have it or do I need to email it to you? Email or facebook message me if you need it. :)

  10. i have it, so we're all set =)