thanksgiving, like a bright beacon of light dancing on the horizon...

so close yet so far away...

among the happyhalloween and all the fun get togethers with friends, this week has brought a lot of not-so-fun things-- our heat was out for almost the entirety of it (and was expensive to fix), our internet was down for a time, i lost a jacket (with car keys in it!) at the mall, bryan lost a $20 giftcard, bryan's car broke down again, the shower in our masterbathroom is broken (old houses are good deals but not really), very stressful grad school work due for bryan, sicknesses in the family, And, to top it all off, zuzu's new sippy cup broke. 

tomorrow i get my next round of papers to grade, then two weeks later the next round (which is Much too close together--i gave my students an extension but probably shouldn't have), then two weeks later the exam-paper-round. which means i'll be grading about 180 papers between now and a month from now. oh man i shouldn't do that math...

then its all over!

for a month at least...

so, needless to say, bryan and i are very much looking forward to our thanksgiving break, which is an almost entire glorious week split between our two families. i keep thinking, if i can just make it until then...

only 7 more teaching-days until!
and only 15 more sleeps!


  1. If I were local, I would totally help you grade papers...if that were allowed, of course (I have no idea what the protocol for such things are). This sounds like it's been such a stressful week. I'm so sorry. :(

  2. ah i wish!!! if i can just make it through the next few weeks it will be ok...

  3. If you need/want, my dad and I could take Zuzu for a few hours some day to give you a grading break and Bryan the chance to do some studying. We could take her to the mall, tire her out, and then bring her back all ready for a nap? Let me know if that seems like a helpful idea--you know I never mind a Zuzu break from the grading!

  4. (Hey--I'll even take a Zuzu distraction from the grading some days :-P )

  5. that would be Awesome nellene!!! i know zuzu would enjoy that too =)

  6. Excellent! I'll let my dad know about the plan and we'll figure out when! (He gets here Wednesday and I teach Thursday, so sometime after that.)