7 weeks!

i had my first doctor's appointment today! we did an ultrasound and found out i am officially 7 weeks, which is a week earlier than I thought--I think this will put my due date around June 22nd! i should've figured i was 7 weeks and not 8 though--morning sickness just hit this week, and it hit me at 7 weeks last time too (though harder last time--so maybe it won't be so bad this time?).

also, i am not having twins, and Baby's heartbeat is strong. it is amazing how tiny they are at this stage--tiny as a blueberry!


the night before the first doctor's appointment, i had the compulsion to rearrange zu's room. now this compulsion has been growing in the back of my mind all week--i have been daydreaming about creating a to-consignment pile, for new-baby pile and to-good-will pile.

well i couldn't wait any more and just had to do it last night! zu's room is rearranged so it can be used as a playroom as well as her bedroom--her room is the largest in the house so that was not hard to do. all the large toys her grammie brings her now have a better home than our living room.

we do believe though that our children do not necessarily need to be regulated to their one room in the house--we want them to be comfortable in the common areas with us, it is their house too!--so i left her simple white toybox and a basket of books in the living room and a small basket of toys in the den. the majority of her toys are going to live in her room, and whatever she has outgrown will go in a bin at the bottom of her closet.

Ah, it feels so good to have organized! it was hard to go to work today when all i can think about is organizing and cleaning. bryan tells me its far too early for nesting--but looking back (way back!) from when i was 7 weeks with zuzu, what was i doing? NESTING!


  1. Ahhh! You have to do those little survey things again with this baby! It would be fun to compare your Zuzu surveys/belly photos with the new baby surveys/belly photos! :D