zuzu had her 1year old (a couple months delayed) check up and shots today. she cried as soon as she saw the doctor (though our doctor is really nice! zu just remembers the shots from last time) and the shots were terrible. she's sleeping them off right now. the doctor said she's in great health, has molars coming in already, is 75th percentile in weight but 93rd in height (yay! i love that she is so tall!).

but what has me completely freaking out is the doctor recommended we meet with some pediatric surgeons soon to talk about her epiplocoele. there's this bump on zu's stomach i was a little concerned about so i asked the doctor and she said she's only seen it one other time; its where the muscles did not entirely meet. she thinks that either we'll have to have surgery for it or it might just be a cosmetic issue (which of course we would not have surgery for, not while she is this little). we don't meet with the surgeons until the first week of december--we're praying that they will say she does not need surgery and that everything is fine


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I am praying that no surgery is needed and that everything is fine! She's such a happy, healthy girl - I pray she doesn't need surgery. Love you, Zuzu!

  2. Definitely praying for Zuzu! And for her parents, that they would not be beset with too much worry and could turn that worry over to God :-)

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Praying for you all!