intuition and prayer

Lately I've been wondering if "women's intuition" is real, or even a biblical thing to believe in...its something I have always sort of thought that I had; not that I can predict the future or anything (I wish!) but I usually have a feeling something will happen or is happening before I find out about it. Maybe everyone feels like that from time to time?

Most recently I had a feeling that it was time for B and I to leave our current church, which started sometime in November, though we didn't know we were pregnant (and therefore need to leave so that B can get the practical experience of leading worship on his own) until January. And, when B did put out his resume for church jobs, he immediately was hired by the absolute perfect first (part-time) church for him. Its been great to see how its built his confidence and already begun to prepare him for full-time ministry. I know that this is God's working in our lives, but I wonder about the intuition part. Maybe it was something that was just obviously going to happen soon? Maybe God put it on my heart?

And God putting something on my heart...that phrase has me wondering too. Its what I've been thinking about this week...I have been praying for something, but these past few days I have suddenly had the feeling that I need to be REALLY praying for it--like down on my knees everyday praying for it, intense prayer, real and earnest prayer--and I'm wondering, since this is a good thing that I'm praying for, if this is just my intuition, or selfish desires, or if God is laying it on my heart to pray for this thing. And would it be Wrong to pray for it so earnestly if its just something that I want?

Just some Sunday morning thoughts. Puzzled by the mystery of it all.


  1. I'm so upset...I just wrote a really long comment that got deleted for no reason! Ah! Anyway, the gist of what I was trying to say is, I've always felt like this, too - I've always thought I had the spiritual gift of discernment - maybe that's what it is for you, too?

    I don't think it's wrong to pray for something you want, although I definitely have asked that question before and I think God just answered my question a few days ago with a verse: "Pray without ceasing." Pray about everything, and if it's not something you should be praying for, I believe the Holy Spirit will convict us and lead our hearts in a different direction. :)

  2. bummer!! i hate it when that happens!

    that is good advice, hm gives me lots to think about =)

  3. Dear Niece, How much do you know about spiritual gifts - yours in particular? Through prayer and study I have discovered mine. First, Prophecy and others in order probably Giving, Mercy, Service. Before I knew about gifts I had decided I had an EXTREME amount of intuition and foreknowledge. Kenny said he knew I had real discernment and now I agree. Look into your gifts - if you would like I can send you some things from our study. Makes for good reading and discovery.

  4. I'd love to read the things from your study--I'll FB you about it =)