12 weeks!

Baby's size? the size of a LIME! I can't believe how fast our LittleBit is growing!

Weight Gain? No change this week, still 5lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight.

Still waking up to go to the bathroom constantly. and having lots of strange dreams!

Foods I am loving?
meat and potatoes. and Tomatoes. yum!

Foods I am hating?
chicken and noodles. and sometimes rice.

Best moment this week?
B and I had a fun date Thursday night

Still sick from time to time. Its mainly confined to mornings now though, thank goodness. I'm tired more some days than others, but overall my energy has gradually been coming back. I've been able to get a lot more done around the house and I've started working out regularly again. Just being able to do most of what I used to do makes me feel better, physically and emotionally.

What I miss?
Honestly, right now, nothing. I love being pregnant, even the not-so-fun trimester.

What I will miss?
Looking somewhat like my regular self--but I'm excited about my baby-belly too!

What I'm looking forward to?
Second Trimester! I hear its supposed to be the best trimester--I'll start showing more and have more energy, which I'm excited about. Plus, there is much lower risk of losing the baby (Lord forbid) at that point.

Content, and excited about what the future holds.

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  1. I loved the second trimester. I really did feel a lot better and wasn't huge and uncomfortable. But honestly all of the trimesters had good things about them for me. I hope you get rid of that pesky morning sickness for good very soon!