We spent most of this week in b's hometown, mourning the death of his grandad. It was a bittersweet week-- his grandad had been in bad health for so long. He was a strong Christian, and it was amazing to see at the funeral how many people he had helped and lives he had changed.

We're sad our LittleBit won't meet him, but so glad that he left such a Godly legacy. I hope one day that my grandfathers will become Christians and that we'll be able to celebrate their going home to the Lord when they pass. The first time I met Bj, when b and I were engaged, he took me out to Wendy's for "a coke" ( literally, just a coke lol ) and to tell me "what I'm getting myself into" marrying into the family; well he dodn't need to warn me, couldn't ask for a better in- law family-- I'm so thankful that our baby will have strong Christian grandparents, and aunts and uncles. Though the reason for us getting together this week was sad, I loved getting to spend time with this side of my family. I feel so blessed to not only have a good, Christian, in-law family, but a family I actually enjoy being around! I wish we could make it down there more often.


I've been praying often and hard this week...there's the thing I'd mentioned on here before (and much more we found out this week), of course the loss in B's family, and then some work related things with my family and their possibly relocating soon.

Ah, more murkiness.

I'm hoping to write more on all of these things soon. Things are very up-in-the-air right now. I know God has a plan in all of this though, and it will all work out to his glory.

I am believing all things, hoping all things.


  1. I feel like I need an update as to all the goings-on in your life (whenever you're feeling better of course =) ). It sounds like BJ was a really sweet, godly man.

  2. yes! i'm going to try to email you today, i have lots to tell!