13 weeks!

B's dad is an OB/GYN, so while we were visiting this week, he let us come up to his office and get a free ultrasound. in this 4d picture, you can see the little ear!

measuring perfectly for 13 weeks!

baby foot!

13 weeks, the last of my first trimester! last week I only had a few bouts of morning sickness, but this morning i had one of the worst ones yet--maybe being tired/worn out has something to do with it too? not sure, but all i know is i was curled up on the bathroom floor for an hour or so this morning. As for other things, no changes with cravings, no weight gain, no new symptoms. I'm starting to feel better, in between the little bouts. I think that by next week my morning sickness should be over! but maybe i am just optimistic? and i'll take a belly-pic sometime soon--I don't see much change yet though, so I think I'm going to take pictures more when the changes are more obvious. I did end up going to a kids/maternity consignment sale with my sister and mother in law while we were in town, and got a ton of summer maternity clothes for cheap, so I think I'll be ready for my big ole belly, whenever i get out of this in-between size.

emotionally...I'm feeling pretty good. drained and tired, from the past week and all thats going on, but so happy about this baby.  i love being pregnant, even the sickness isn't really so bad compared to the feeling of carrying a new life!


  1. Awesome update! So exciting that you'll find out the gender in 3 weeks! Since I'm about 4 weeks behind you, I wonder if that means we'll know our gender in 7 weeks?

  2. oh i won't actually find out in 3 weeks--thats just the earliest that i could possibly find out. my doctor's appointment for my next ultrasound isn't until april 19th, so i guess that means i'll find out in about 5 weeks? so it really just depends on how early your doctor schedules it--most don't do an ultrasound at 15-16 weeks, just because that is the Very earliest and you might not be able to tell then, they usually wait until around 20 weeks (mine will be at 18) since that is more definite.

  3. How cool you got free ultrasound pics! That is awesome, and I think the 4D ones are so amazing. I can't wait to hear what you and Heather are having. I am hoping that you both have children of opposite gender so they can marry each other. :)

  4. they really are!! i can't believe that they can see that much! lol and that would be awesome!!

  5. LOL...unless I have a boy and Renee has a girl...in which case Renee's daughter might not want to marry a younger man...LOL.