walking in the slick, rain-wet hallway today i slipped and fell. caught myself on one knee but was so overwhelmed by the thought of Had-I-Fallen-and-Hurt-the-Baby, i had a good little cry anyway.

B assures me that my body is meant to protect the baby through little falls like that. but in general i don't trust it, the enormously awkward and accident-prone thing that i am.


  1. About a week ago, I had this man at work slam into my stomach with an armful of books and I got so mad about it that I started crying in my cubicle. I completely understand. But my doctor said the same thing - the womb is the safest place for the baby to be - so don't worry too much about it. You are taking such good care of your baby!

  2. that is terrible! i would be so upset too! i'll try not to worry--i just get so scared when things like that happen!