25th birthday

14 weeks, right before going on my birthday date with B~! actually my baby belly doesn't show very much in that dress, but i wanted a pregnant looking picture so i made sure to poke it out!

melting pot date!

chocolate creme brulee!

Friday night I visited Heather! we had so much fun--ate at the best Thai place ever, then got some ice cream and watched a movie! good pregnant woman fun =) AND she decorated the guest room for my birthday!! so sweet!

me and heather!
Thursday I had the day off, so B and I celebrated, spending the day together, enjoying the pretty weather, our fancy date. Friday I went to see Heather, which was so much fun, I hadn't seen her in months! Saturday we went maternity clothes shopping, then I met my parents for lunch and spent the afternoon with them before heading back home. This was Such a good birthday--I got to spend time with all of my very favorite people~!


  1. YAY! I am so glad I got to see you! It was indeed a complete blast! Oh and when I went to Murfreesboro later that day, I finally got to check out Motherhood Maternity and I found the perfect bathing suit! So I got all of my "essentials" haha. This is the bathing suit I ended up getting (love it!): http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=957750080&MasterCategory_Id=MC9

  2. Oh and I looove the baby belly picture!!

  3. i did too, it was so much fun!! i'm glad you found a swimsuit--that one is so cute, it looks very you with the gingham and all =) i love motherhood maternity's swimsuits!

  4. Yummy, I LOVE The Melting Pot! It sounds like you had the perfect birthday celebration.