14 weeks!

Baby's size? the size of lemon! LittleBit can make faces and suck his/her thumb now! I wish I could have ultrasounds everyday so I could watch!

Weight Gain? No change, still 5lbs under my prepregnancy weight. My father in law (an OB/GYN for the past 30 years), told me that I should shoot for only gaining 10-15lbs above my prepregnancy weight by the time I'm entering my third trimester. I'm planning on staying really active and doing my best to stay in that range!

Sleep? Still waking up a lot in the night. And loving naps!

Foods I am loving? ethnic food. I had a wonderful Greek gyro the other day, and I'm craving some Thai and Ethiopian.

Foods I am hating? I typically LOVE fruit but I've had some trouble handling how sweet it is lately.

Best moment this week? Date-day with B! I had yesterday off (my work gives employees a paid day off for the month of their birthday), so we went out and enjoyed the pretty weather, then had a nice dinner at the melting pot, our very favorite!

Symptoms? I haven't thrown up since TUESDAY!!! Still tired a bit, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good! Yay for second trimester!!

What I miss? feeling comfortable in my skinny jeans! ever since I even first got pregnant I just haven't felt comfortable wearing anything that is tight against my belly, I want my belly to be FREE! I hated the belly-band (perhaps for the same reason, all stretchy-tight against the belly), so I've been wearing some graciously donated size-too-big hand-me-downs from a friend. I can't wait until its warm enough to wear dresses and skirts everyday!

What I will miss? Not too much about the first trimester

What I'm looking forward to? hearing the heartbeat again next week!

Emotions: Excited about this weekend! Its my birthday on Saturday, and I'm going to get to see my friend Heather tonight then see my parents on Saturday! I'm wanting to visit friends and family as much as I can these next 6 months or so, before B and I move away to who knows where!


  1. I'm excited! Oh, and by the way, I looove Thai so if you change your mind and want to get Thai tonight, we totally can!

  2. both sound good to me, whatever you're more in the mood for!

    there's an Excellent little tucked away Thai restaurant right down from the seminary that I'll have to take you to next time you come visit! they have great sushi too (not that we could eat that right now anyway, but still!)