the job-hunt continues.

B has already gotten a lot of calls back & has a few churches seriously looking at him right now, but we've decided to keep sending out resumes until one of those churches hires him. i'm in charge of sending out resumes--i'm his "secretary," as my mother in law likes to say--and today i sent a resume to the closest place to family so far (TN) and one the furthest (AK).

i have to admit, i struggled with sending the resume to the alaska church...do they even have sunshine there? its above CANADA!...but then i felt convicted--how can i pray for the lord to lead us wherever he wants us to go, then say "oh, but not alaska, not anywhere that makes us too uncomfortable."

so, resume sent! who knows, i could really love alaska!

we're praying that God opens up some doors so that we can move before i get too hugely-big this summer--but, more than that, we're praying that God will lead us to the Right church for us to serve at, in his time, whenever and wherever that might be!


  1. I'm praying for you guys! It's an exciting time! I love change, personally. :)

  2. thank you, i definitely appreciate prayers about this, it will be a huge life-change! we really feel ready for it though, so it is exciting!