miscellany: vol. 13

the nights are getting colder and sunlight hours more brief. our mild georgia winter is soon to arrive. our trees are growing more bare, i pull out our sweaters from the boxes i stored them in last year. this week i wrote out a family state-of-the-union and some of our ideas and hopes for our family for the next five years. its something for me to look at when i'm bogged down mid-semester with freshmen papers, for us to look at when the budget is too tight to do whatever it is we're hoping to do, and to anchor us--a bird's eye view of the goodness we have right now and that silver-lined horizon.

~ in the notebook:
i finished writing the second poem i've written since having june. both of these poems might possibly end up in my manuscript--they're on the same type of themes (siblings, motherhood). working on one poem for a month or so, in small snippets of time, rather than writing an entire poem all in one sitting has slightly changed my style, i think. i hope it is a good change. 

~ the little one:
has really started talking. she's losing some of her baby language (baa-baa is now lamb. beep is car. nonny is sometimes milk.) she is extremely imaginative. every creature and object is a mommy, daddy, or baby--for example, a bus is a "big daddy beep". i love that she looks at the world in the context of family. 

~ the littlest:
well, i wrote about this some yesterday. june doesn't have the colic she had when she was one and two months old (crying from 11 - 2 every night), but she has had quite a few long crying spells the past few days. i suspect teeth are coming in. i think i would handle the extra tears without extra tears of my own if i wasn't so emotional from weaning her--almost entirely weaned now, just nursing twice a day. other than the emotional upheaval, june is a sweet little thing. she coos and squeals and giggles at her sis, loves to play, has ticklish feet and the most plump babythighs.

~ favorite links:  
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"There's no rage like the exhausted rage of motherhood." 
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  1. I saved that Lisa-Jo Baker article to read later. Have you heard of Pocket (http://getpocket.com)? It's been awesome for me. It saves articles or posts you want to read for later. This keeps me from having 1,000 tabs open on my computer at all times because I can never finish reading anything in one sitting. I finally went through and unsubscribed from all but a few blogs because I just don't have time to read them anymore.

    I totally get the emotions of weaning! :( It's hard, and sad. I think I told you my Christmas tree story which I shall not repeat here. ;) For me, it was like the worst PMS of all time. I suggest wine. :)

    1. lol i will have to go pick up a bottle ;)
      i've not tried pocket! i use feedly right now, but i had to unsubscribe to a lot of things too--its too hard to find time for them all--so i'll have to try that out!

    2. I use Feedly for my blog subscriptions, too! I have both. :) Pocket is just a way to save articles that you see others post on Facebook (or on THEIR blogs) that you don't have time to read at the moment but can read later when you have free time. ;)

  2. I know I mentioned this one of the last times you posted about them, but I miss Zu and June so much! Makes me sad I can't hear Zuzu's talking develop. I miss you too, of course. Love to you all!