zu's words

nonny = a beverage. usually paired with a possessive, for example, bryan's waterbottle becomes "daddy's nonny"

i tump! = i jump, usually accompanied by vigorous jumping

da-du cry, da-du cry = singing along to my "don't cry june" song

a bee-bee! = to be yelled at the sighting of any insect

the whee = anything that you would say "whee" when riding. usually refers to a slide or swing

double = dessert

e e ? = "where is". for example, "e e daddy?" would mean "where is daddy?"

puhple = sometimes this means purple, but it can also mean red

bumbo-potty = she thinks the bumbo looks like a potty, so she calls it the bumbo-potty. fingers crossed that she will not try to use it like a potty when potty training happens...

beep = the car

shoe-shoe-ies = her shoes. this is bryan's fault, because he called them "zu zu's shoe shoes" and she translated that to "shoe shoe ies"

meow-meowies = kittens

mommy meow-meowie = their mommy

mommy ba-ba = a big stuffed lamb she has, her favorite currently

kakki = aunt karen

gaggi = grandma roberson

ta-da = aunt lauren 


she also speaks some actual english (turtle, car, bubbles, again, tower, crackers, giggles, crackers, down, up, yes, no, cheese, bath, nap, etc), but most of the time she refers to things by the sounds they make or what they do. a bunny is a "hop", a cow is a "moo". an example of a zu sentence: "E e the puhple bow-bow?". translation: where is the purple bow?

i'm going to miss this zuzu toddler language one day. 


  1. I love her word for dessert! "Double." She is being raised right! ;)

  2. This is so cute! I love her toddler words. Charlotte's aren't quite as interesting. She mostly just calls things what they are, except for the longest time she called a napkin a "gappin."

  3. haha! i love this! toddler's are the best for new words and new ways of seeing the world. i was so sad when my friend liz's little girl turned 3 and all of a sudden could speak full english sentences. so sad! life is much more colorful in toddler-speak.