weekly miscellany: vol.8

every morning this week i have had to hit the ground running. bryan worked long shifts during the days every day except for wednesday, where i had an all day faculty retreat to go to.

i planned a lot of outings and activities for the girls so they wouldn't be too bored staying home with daddy all day on wednesday, and i think that worked out pretty well. we had a playdate with kat and izzy, numerous trips to the library, a mall-date with aunt nellene, and bryan's parents are here today for an impromptu visit.

during zu's naptime i plan on leaving june with them while i go up to bryan's work for a lunchdate and to also get some back-to-school prep done that i've been putting off.

oh and i finished a poem that i've been working on the past couple weeks! it isn't good because i never write anything good the first six months after a baby. i had fun writing it though.

~ the little one:
zu is all about the "monster at the end of this book" book lately-- we read it to her about a dozen times a day. but who can resist her sweet little voice saying "again, please?"

she had a tough night last night. i think she had a bad dream because she woke up at 2 a.m. just howling for mommy mommy mommy! but june was currently sleeping on mommy so this was a little bit of a problem. bryan tried to console her but eventually i put june down (waking her up dangit!) and cuddled with zu until june couldn't be consoled by bryan so then i tried to sleep with june on top of me and zu cuddled next to me. i think that might have worked except sometimes zu would play with june's feet and that woke her up again. thank God for coffee. 

~ the littlest: 
june is smiling, still not sleeping (unless on mommy--who needs a crib when you have a mommy?), and becoming more alert. i like it best when she sits in my lap and "talks" to me in her baby language.

~ favorite links this week:
Video Game High School | Freddy W
{ this is a movie/miniseries, and it is not for the faint-of-nerd. i'm not sure if i have any friends who are nerdy enough to love this as much as bryan and i do}

What Real Motherhood Looks Like | Messy Wife Blessed Life

Kate Middleton and the Mom in the Mirror | Joy Gabriel
"I'm not sure when it became the highest compliment you can pay a woman to say, "You look like you never even had a baby!" "


  1. You've had a busy week! And what a great attitude about last night--I think I would've cried all night if I'd had two children alternating waking up and sleeping. I hope you get to treat yourself to some Starbucks today! Because food is always the best of rewards! (Don't listen to me...) ;)

    1. lol it has been busy-- i haven't broken down crying yet but sometimes i do just want to scream too when both girls are doing it. i don't know what bryan would think to come home to a house with all his women screaming and crying... if i were him, i'd probably hide out in the car for a bit ;)

  2. Oh, and I loved that "What Real Motherhood Looks Like" post you linked this week! I had to choose between taking a nap this afternoon or cleaning up the playroom and doing dishes and I chose nap and our house looks like a crazy tornado hit it.