38 weeks!

baby size:
pumpkin! i think i look more like watermelon-sized though. my fingers and feet are swollen at the end of everyday.

 it varies. not so bad the past few nights.

foods i love:
watermelon, peaches, homemade stir-fry

foods i hate:
any sort of ground meat, pasta, and beyond that, there's no telling what will make me sick. bryan says mealtime for me is like russian roulette.

i've had morning sickness again, since memorial day. some days have been really hard; its frustrating. my doctor says that its just because of the baby is getting bigger and pressing on things, and she's not dropped yet. hopefully only 2 more weeks--or less!

none. the baby is head down, but nothing else is happening yet.

ready! at least i'm ready. i even wrote down a birth plan. bryan still has a little side-business venture that he needs to finish up (tick-tock bryan!) and the nursery doesn't have furniture yet (but mom is bringing that).

i feel good about trying natural childbirth this time, especially with my doctor recommending it as best for me & junie. i feel anxious about trying to nurse again. i feel extremely introverted; which has led to me feeling anxious about having too many visitors at our house and at the hospital right after we have the baby. bryan said neglecting to tell people that i'm having the baby isn't an option. so i'm praying about those little anxieties, and that things in general will go smoothly.

misc. happy things:
  ~ our friends threw us a surprise babyshower a couple weeks ago; zu was very excited about cupcakes and presents but a little puzzled that she didn't fit into any of the clothes. ok yes, i was excited about cupcakes too. but the best part was each of our friends praying for us as a family, it really touched my heart.

  ~ my sister lauren came and visited for a few days this weekend. not only was it fun for zu to have time with her auntie, but it was a huge help for me, since bryan is sick with a sinus infection and i'm sick with morning sickness.

  ~ my mom will be here in 1 week! bryan and i love having my mom come visit; she's great with zu, a huge huge help with newborns (she was a pediatric nurse, after all), and she's someone i go to whenever i need advice or comfort or just to chat. i'm really thankful that she'll be able to stay a couple of weeks to help out!


  1. I didn't know your mom used to be a pediatric nurse! That's awesome! Sorry to hear about the morning sickness returning. :( You're right, though - hopefully you don't have much longer at all!

    1. yep, she worked at lebonheur children's hospital for almost 20 years, but her real dream was always to teach pre-k, so that's what she's done since i was in high school.

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    That's great to hear that you are going to try natural childbirth this time. I'm glad to hear your doctor is so encouraging about it. I'm hoping for natural childbirth this time too. :) I really enjoyed reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. (We took a 12 week Bradley class as well.) That is so nice that your mom is going to come and stay for a couple of weeks. Wow! What a gift.

    1. I was really surprised that my doctor would recommend it; but last time i had a bad reaction to the epidural with my blood pressure dropping and zu's heartrate getting unsteady so I think this will be safer. I read through that book last week and it was good! I have a friend who went through a class and she's going to meet with me this week and try to teach me as much as she can--i hope that will be enough to get me through!

    2. oh and this is renee not bryan--he obviously will not have as much to have to get through lol ;)

  3. I can't believe it is so close to your due date! I hope June comes soon so you can be rid of that awful morning sickness!

    1. thanks erin! my morning sickness has been better the past two days--maybe she's stopped kicking whatever it was she was kicking lol!

  4. I had the same anxieties about visitors, but i found that with baby #2 it tended to be less of an issue because family and friends have your oldest child to distract them. We didn't have tons of visitors because must people were busy helping us keep Emmeline occupied.

    1. ah that is a relief to hear! i always feel like maybe i am being spoiled or ungrateful to not want visitors there--it just overwhelms me to think about it though!