there are some beautiful spiritual disciplines, like the practice of lent and following advent, that i wish were part of my childhood; bryan and i would like to establish them in our family for our children, so we're starting this year.

for lent i feel like i need to give up some of the distractions in my life, and decided the white-noise and time-wasting of pinterest and facebook could go.

in place of those things, i am going to spend the next forty days writing out a prayer each day, in a notebook i have just for that reason.

i've struggled with worry, doubt that God will do what he says he will do, and feelings that i need to be self-sufficient. i think writing is part of my heart-language, one of the ways i was built to express myself to the fullest, so i think writing out my prayers will be a good practice for this season.


  1. You totally inspired me with this post! I'm going to try my best to stay off Facebook the next 40 days, too. I can't give up Pinterest because I use it for recipes a lot, BUT I can totally give up Facebook. :) Whenever I want to give myself a break from Facebook, I use this Macbook app called Self Control. I highly recommend it! (I can't remember if you use a PC, but I think there are some similar apps for Windows, too.) It's good because sometimes even when I plan to give up Facebook, I find myself on the site, accidentally browsing for the past five minutes, unaware I've even broken the rule, because (sadly) it's such a default check-in for me. :/

  2. I gave up Facebook for Lent, too! I didn't intend to, but Tuesday night I found myself just aimlessly scrolling my news feed for WAY too long and decided it was ridiculous and that time apart would be good for me. We can hold each other accountable! I am already having withdrawals. lol

  3. heather, i'll have to look into that! its easy to forget and to just automatically go there--which probably means i could use a while away from it! pinterest i use for recipes too but my friend kat just gave me a whole stack of recipes she likes to use that i haven't tried out yet, so i think those should keep me busy enough the next forty days if i get bored with the staples.

    and erin, we should definitely keep each other accountable--its tough to stick to!