My son practicing the violin

Some farmers with their creaking machinery moving slowly across a field.
Some geese. The sun rising somewhere on some unripe peaches. I wander
the labyrinth of that orchard. The foxes creep out of their dens to peek at me.
Even my high heels are green.

Such love, and such music, it's a wonder Jesus doesn't make me spend every
waking hour on my knees.

We've traveled here from a distant planet to teach you how to be a human

Even the paper cup in my hand has learned to breathe. And each note is a
beautiful, ancient kingdom precariously balanced at the edge of a cliff above
the sea. 

by Laura Kasischke (from Space, In Chains; Copper Canyon Press)


  1. How is Zuzu's cold? I meant to tell you...Milo had a really bad cough like that a couple of months ago...you might have already tried these remedies, but what helped him was rubbing Vick's all over his chest and on the soles of his feet (and then putting socks on) before bed. I also ran a Vick's humidifier in his room for a few nights and cut out milk for a few days. I was really hesitant to cut out milk because of the nutrients, but I only gave him water for probably a week and he was fine and it helped him a lot!

  2. oh we didn't try the vicks, i will keep that in mind for next time! she's doing much better now--we got her a humidifier and this all-natural honey cough syrup, and that really helped a lot

  3. I think I know the honey cough syrup you're talking about if it's "Little Remedies" brand. I looked at that, too, when Milo was sick because it was the only cough syrup approved for his age that I could find. I ended up looking at the ingredients, though, and it seems like it was basically just honey, so I ended up buying local honey and just giving him straight teaspoonfuls of that twice a day and that really helped. I'm so glad she's doing better!