time to write

i have a new poem up at Stirring -- "It Is Well"

also poems forthcoming at 2River ("The Escape" and "Rebecca")

and, surprisingly enough, a short story forthcoming in Relief! I don't publish outside my genre very often, so I'm particularly excited about that one.


don't let the string of publications fool you--i have been extremely slackerly in the writing department the past month. between the holiday rush, sicknesses, traveling, grading, end of semester craziness, and early pregnancy morning sickness / fatigue, i've only written i think maybe one poem in the past month and read one poetry book

my grading is all but one paper short of complete, and, besides graduation, i have a break from school until january. my plans over the break are to take an online class on online teaching (which so far doesn't look to be an extreme time commitment), travel a bit to see family, and finish my confessional poetry class lessons. i will admit some of my writing time the past month has been eaten up by essay writing--i've really been enjoying researching and writing the essays on confessional poetry that i'll use for my class.

now that school is all but over though i plan on getting back to my writing in earnest. even with all the trials of the past month, i know that part of the reason that i haven't written is that i didn't commit myself to write. i'm not going to make any hard and fast goals for myself over the break--i'm putting relaxation and time with family as a top priority--but i do plan on setting aside time to write at least once a week, and time to dig into the huge stack of poetry books i've yet to read. after all, a lot has happened in the past month--i think i have some things to write about.


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome that you were able to be so successful this month even when you haven't had as much time to write. :) I am looking forward to the short story in particular.

  2. thanks! i sent these out months ago though--i'm just reaping the benefits now lol

  3. Congrats on the publications! I totally love "It is Well." I also hear ya on the fiction. I got a story published recently and it blew me away! Good luck on the writing goals.