12 weeks!

Baby's size? the size of a LIME!

Weight Gain? i hadn't been weighing myself at all but thought that now that i'm about in 2nd trimester, i should check in--and i was happily surprised to find that i'm just 1 lb over what i was when i got pregnant with zu! being so sick the past couple weeks made me lose more weight than i had thought. silver lining!

good! i haven't felt quite as fatigued the past couple days--i think part of that is recovering fully from being sick--but i do find myself out of breath often, which is not something i would've expected this early in the pregnancy

Foods I am loving?
i would love some biscuits smothered in gravy right now. i am also loving meatloaf. and i've been thinking about taco bell all week.

Foods I am hating?
not any particular food, but too much of one food if that makes sense. most leftovers are not appealing to me right now (which is sad, because we eat leftovers a lot in our house). the idea of spaghetti grosses me out. and chili...and rotel...and grilled chicken...

Best moment this week?
we went with our friends Kat, Ulisses and their baby Izzy (who is zu's age) to this christmas lights / petting zoo thing on saturday. the babies were really too tired for it, but zu went absolutely crazy when she saw the sheep and camels. also, saturday bryan, zu, and i went to our favorite restaurant (to celebrate bryan graduating with his MASTERS! yay!!!!!).

the morning sickness has abated significantly (except when i skip meals of course). i've been very weepy the past week though--i pretty much can't watch tv at all without being moved to tears. bryan and i were watching Shark Tank (where small businesses ask investors for money) and i found myself crying all through the episode. bryan was like "is it really that moving that the stay at home mom pretzel lady got money to expand her business?" and i was like "YES!!!" *tears*. also it is really hard not to cry when i see a little cute newborn baby or when i'm listening to the sermons at church (usually these thing coincide, there are lots of babies at our church). but those are much more cry-worthy.

What I'm looking forward to?
when i'm big enough to wear tights-as-pants without people thinking badly of me. i feel like there's a stage of pregnancy where tights-as-pants is acceptable, if worn with a tunic-shirt. well actually i'm wearing tights as pants with a long button down today, but i'm not planning on seeing people.

happy & excited


  1. Love it! You should definitely pick where we eat on Wednesday (and we can wait until day-of if that's better). That way, you can find something (hopefully) that will sit well with your morning sickness. :( So sorry you're going through all of the nausea again.

  2. I was happy to share your "first real meal of the week" with yall--I hope that there is much more "real food" in your future as you move into second trimester!

  3. Hahaha, I cracked up about you crying over Shark Tank. I was so emotional when I was pregnant, too. And I love that show!