looking toward a new year

my 2013 goals:

1} complete reading through the Bible in a year
2} turn the guestroom into a nursery
3} write 20 poems this year

i find when i make fewer goals i tend to meet them. last year i met all my goals except for reading through the bible in a year. this year my goals are simple--finish reading straightthrough the bible, turn our guestroom into a nursery (yay!), and to write 20 poems. I've been taking a much needed writing break so I wasn't sure about making a writing goal at all for myself this year but I figured that it never hurts to have something to aim for.


something i would also like to start this year is recording my prayers for the year--i think it would be neat to go back and see how God answered what weighed on my heart each year. and really the things that i would most like to happen this year are things i can't resolve or make goals to achieve--they are completely in God's hands.

my 2013 prayers:

1} for bryan to find a full-time job
2} for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery of our second-born
3} for a smooth and happy transition from family of 2 to family of 3
4} for God to bless and grow our church, and the small group we lead


what are your resolutions/goals this year? do you have anything i can pray for you about this coming year? (feel free to email me at thisquiethour/gmail/com if it is too private to share here)

happy new year!

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  1. Beautiful post and prayers. I love the idea of writing down prayers for the new year and then going back to see how God answered those prayers. What an amazing idea!!!