from behind the stack of to-be-graded papers....

this week has been so encouraging. i was really burnt out right before thanksgiving break--and we'd had an awful week where everything in our house broke at once--so bryan encouraged me to not grade at all during break. so i didn't. and i'm glad i didn't! even though i've got a pile of yet-ungraded papers the size of your face, i feel much more relaxed.

and i had some students say some really sweet things these past couple of weeks; i never realized as a student how much a comment about loving a class can really lift a teacher's spirits, especially in that end-of-the-year crunch-time!

i haven't been writing much, but i have a stack of new poetry books to read. i've started researching and writing my confessional poetry class lesson plans, for May (i like to work ahead). there is a lot of grading to be done, but it feels manageable. i think i'm going to push through the next two weeks and get as much done as possible so over break i can just work on growing a baby and enjoying the three "r"s...

reading, writing, relaxing.

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