10 weeks!

Baby size? kumquat!

Weight Gain? only a couple of pounds. i'm already showing a bit though--i think its because i had zu not too long ago. i'll start taking pictures soon, when the belly gets into the cute stage

Stretch marks?
not yet, i'm sure they'll show up at the end

Belly button in or out?
in of course

excellent. i could use some extra naps though

Foods I am loving?
tuna fish but i can't have it very often. also taco bell. and big macs. but i try not to eat those!

Foods I am hating?
chicken. i hated chicken last time too. also spaghetti sounds kind of gross. i couldn't eat chili the other week.

Best moment this week?
feeling the baby flutter! i know most people would say its way too early to feel the baby move, but i've been pregnant before and i know what it feels like. the first time i thought i was mistaken, but by the fourth or fifth time i was pretty certain that is what i'm feeling. its just that fluttery feeling so far. much earlier than i felt anything with zu.

Movement? i say yes!

Symptoms? morning sickness, but not as bad with zu. if i snack and don't eat too much sugar, i can keep it under control.

What I miss? i was losing weight and down a jean size right when i got pregnant again, so i do kind of miss running and getting down to smaller sizes, instead of going the opposite way =)

What I'm looking forward to? finding out the gender!

Emotions: happy, excited.

{ and, to compare, 10 weeks with Zu }


  1. I love Taco Bell and I have no excuse. ;) I'm really glad you're doing these again!

  2. Congrats on baby number 2! Isn't it crazy how different two pregnancies can be? I craved McDonalds burgers all the time with Gareth. And I believe you about feeling the baby move! I felt it super early the second time around too.

  3. thanks y'all! i'm glad i'm not the only one to feel the baby move so early--i thought i was crazy at first but i've felt it so often now!

  4. Hey, congratulations! (Obviously I am so behind on blog reading). So happy for you. I also hated chicken when I was PG -- my husband still calls me The Chicken Hater. Take really good care of yourself!