the promise

worry is a war for me. battle after battle.
and worry is a mild, sweeter sounding sin than what it really is--unbelief.

God has taught me again and again that if i leap out, he'll catch me.
and still i brace myself for impact.


“Difficulties heaped upon difficulties can never rise the level of the promise
of God…Unbelief looks at the difficulty. Faith regards the promise.”
Charles Bridges


  1. :(

    What worries you, sweetest of friends?

  2. I'm so sorry you're worrying. Worry is one of my "besetting sins." I know I don't need to worry, and yet I still do. I tends towards pessimism in general. My personal mantra about worry is this: worrying robs me of my joy and God of His glory. Knowing those things, why do I do it??

  3. i mainly worry about things i can't change or possible outcomes--its a besetting sin for me too, Erin! i love that mantra, I'm going to tape it around my house