i mailed off my manuscript to 3 contests yesterday; i gave them each little kisses on the forehead for luck as they venture out into the world.

i've been drafting a poem this week but its gone slow. after the editing marathon i've done the past month and the many new drafts the past couple of months, i think i could use a short writing sabbatical--i'm worn out!

so this entire week i'm going to take a little break. get some grading done, caught up on lesson planning, relax with the family, even enjoy some fall weather.

“Rest and be thankful.”  - William Wordsworth


  1. I hope your manuscript finds a home with a publisher! It deserves to!

  2. thanks so much erin! i've changed it even more since the version i sent you--i've got my fingers crossed, maybe i'll be lucky!

  3. thanks Molly! I'm glad you found it helpful, I'm going to try to add to it as much as possible!

  4. I'm sure you'll get it published soon! You're such a rock star poet. :)

  5. aw! thanks heather~!