pregnancy hormones

yesterday pregnancy hormones hit full-force.

i was exhausted, couldn'tkeepmyeyesopen tired, and bryan left for work early, so it was just me and zu. somehow i made it through the rest of the afternoon, but by the time she went to bed, i had a pounding headache and couldn't stop thinking about ritz crackers and cream cheese; so i then ate a whole thing of ritz crackers and cream cheese (and immediately threw it up) then watched Hope Floats for the first time, thinking it was a romantic comedy. i ended up sobbing uncontrollably (that part where the dad leaves his daughter and she's crying? oh my goodness) and threw up some more. it was a really bad night.

then i moved my regular bedtime up to grandma time-- 9:30pm--and i've felt pretty good sense.

i've also cut out sweets (and creamcheese and anything that tastes sweet, like fruit) from my diet entirely--last time that was what made me throw up most the time.

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