quiet evening

i'm six and a half weeks pregnant (i think). today was long--teaching wears me out and i have felt faint touches of queasiness come and go during some of my lessons. i'm hoping it will stay that--faint--not what it was last time. bryan and i took zu to the park and bought a little umbrella stroller for cheap at the consignment store--we're wanting something a little less to lug around, since we're taking zu to the zoo and doing a little weekend trip to chatty on friday. i'm over the moon about it. we hardly ever do little trips, much less completely spontaneously! but bryan is right--zu will love it, and we could use a weekend out of the house.

so with zu asleep and bryan at work, i'm sitting down to work on revising two poems and sending out a few places. i've got a little cup of decaf coffee and a caramel salted biscotti for a treat, and i'm wearing bryan's hoodie, and the churning of all our happy conveniences--dishwasher and dryer--have a pleasant accomplished-hum, perfect for the end of a long day.

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