little zu at nine months

it is strange to think that now she's been outside the womb equal time that she was in it! it feels like we've always known our little zu

New Developments:
~ clapping
~ waving
~ sticking out her tongue
~ saying la-la-la
~ briefly standing on her own, not holding on to anything!
zu has left the nursery
and these photos are getting increasingly harder to take!


  1. She is so cute! I think where Zu is right now is such a fun age.

    I've pretty much given up on the monthly photos because it is impossible to get Charlotte to pose for anything. If I try to sit her down, she wants to dive off the chair, and if I try to get her while she's standing, she won't stay still long enough. At least I made it through the first 12 months! :)

  2. it is So hard to get these pictures!! i'm hoping to get at least her first 12 months--i might have to give it up after that lol