Zuzu at 8 months

Favorite foods: orange babyfoods (carrots, squash, sweet potato, etc)

Favorite games: rocketship with daddy and exploring the house with mommy

Favorite places:  she particularly likes to go shopping. and at home she always likes to try to get to bryan's man cave--probably because there are so many nommy things there that mom won't let her have

Favorite toys: lamby! its her sleepy-time pet that she snuggles up to for every nap and bedtime

Favorite song: There Once was a Baby Elephant, an original tune written and performed by Mommy

Favorite times of day: mornings! she's always been a morning girl, just like me


New Developments:
is pulling up on furniture--easily getting to her knees and Sometimes getting all the way up to her feet. she's still crawling, turbo-charged-fast, and starting to babble--Da-Da-Da, Ma-Ma-Ma, and Na-Na-Na. she also likes to go "mmmmmm" sometimes happily sometimes not! Her motor skills are getting more refined--she uses her pinchy fingers to pick up small things and also to pinch ha~


  1. She's pinching now! I think that means she's ready for yogurt melts/cheerios, maybe, doesn't it? She's so cute. :)

  2. we've given her some of those puff things that dissolve in their mouth but she was not a fan--i might try it again sometime this week though!