the sunroom!

this is my favorite room in our house and i didn't do much to it besides hang a few pictures. skylights, windows all around, pretty french doors off the den. its my office, our breakfast area, and our library too. we spend a lot of time here.

my home office. i found that poster of my favorite album at a thriftstore for a buck! i have most of my poetry books at my work office but the things i'm currently reading are at home. and of course, my typewriter

 theres a little picnic basket between that we use for holding books and drinks. its a great place to write, overlooking the ravine and the trees. we do a lot of reading here

we eat out in the sunroom more often than in the dining room--its especially nice to have breakfast out there

thrifted bird art--a little blurry, but you get the idea


  1. I love that room and would love to have a sunroom. It looks so nice and calming.

  2. We really want a sunroom, too. Tyson's parents have one, and his grandparents have always had one. Tyson wants to either build one onto our house when we're out of debt or get one wherever we move next. :) Yours looks awesome! I hope I can get out there to visit you sometime and see it in person!

  3. yes, come whenever you can!

    we had always wanted a sunroom too, it was at the top of our wishlist when we were looking