Respectable Sins: Anxiety and Frustration

Anxiety and Worry
definition: fear or unease of the future, an upcoming event, an uncertain outcome

Why Anxiety is a sin:

1. it is a distrust of God
2. it is a lack of acceptance of God's providence in our lives 

You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern. { I Peter 5:7, Phillips Modern English Version

definition: being upset or angry at whatever or whoever is blocking our plans

All of the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be { Psalm 139:16


worry is something i have particular trouble with. i feel like its a lesson that God has been trying to teach me over and over again; always things happen in life that take away my "control" (or perceived control) and i'm forced, once again, to either rely on God or internally-combust with anxiety. and of course i usually go through the latter before wearing myself out and trusting God. 

i'm a planner and so far God's plans for my life look nothing at all like my Plan A, B or C. in fact, its not anywhere on my original alphabet. is it better than what i wanted? Definitely! but it is hard and sometimes painful to Let Go. 

this week i'm going to work on giving those anxieties to God when i'm tempted to worry. because, even if The Bad Thing Happens (whatever it is i'm worked up about), my heavenly Father ordained for it to happen, and he works all things out for good for his children.


  1. Worry is probably my chief struggle. I go through phases where that struggle is really intense and then have phases when I'm more trusting of the Lord. Being a mom has only heightened my tendency ti worry, and I have to remind myself that worry robs me of my joy and God of His glory.

    1. that is true, it definitely does rob one of their joy, i know that it has made otherwise perfectly happy days miserable for me!

  2. This is also my biggest struggle. What a great verse to remember!