sleep baby zuzu with your cuteface on

Zuzu slept 9 hours (and counting!?) last night. i of course have been checking to make sure that she's still breathing every 15 minutes since i woke up at 7 and wondered why i had been sleeping so long, since my baby typically is up at 5AM, ready for her ba-ba and some quality time on the playmat with her best friend, Mr. Pooh Bear.

and, naturally, the one night that i could've slept so soundly and so long, i woke up at 3AM with torrential fear&self-doubt. and then had a nightmare about how i don't have a phd in literary criticism (i don't) which made me useless to the world. then again, i've never thought mfas were Useful, in the typical, pay-the-bills sense.

bryan keeps telling me "i believe in you, i always have" which is both applicable to the situation and a quote from our much-loved live-action The Tick sitcom (canceled after...5 episodes?).

well, the car is packed, the ba-bas are premade and stored in icey-coldness, and we're heading out right after church.

praying for...
safe (and sane) travels with baby Zu, guidance in any decisions that might have to be made, and for courage, heaps and heaps of courage.

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  1. 9 hours! Wow! I'm very impressed. :-) I'm also really impressed by how good of a traveler Zuzu is. I'm really nervous about traveling with Milo during the holiday season. :-(