i have been terrible at knowing my physical limitations since i've been pregnant. they sure aren't what they used to be and it seems like they change all the time! all that to say i feel about half alive { and half awake } this morning. last night B dropped me off to work on unpacking { we need the boxes for MORE packing at the apartment } and cleaning { ugggghhh. a country house that hasn't been lived in for a few months. just imagine. } at the farmhouse while he did bandpractice / vbs at church, and before i knew it i'd worked 4 & a half hours nonstop! there is just so much to do at the house, and B completely lost track of time with church. so it was 11 at night and we live an hour away; i got home and was sick all night again { though B did devise a way to arrange pillows on the couch so that i can halfway sleep sitting up, which helps a lot with the vomiting/heartburn thing }. i went to work anyway this morning, though i have sick days left, just because i've been taking so many lately--at least one a week, all needed. hopefully breakfast will stay down and i'll make it through the day. maybe i can take a nap at lunch, or close my office door and nap { if no students or coworkers get too nosy~! }. anyway, i think i overdid it last night--stayed up too late, worked too long without breaks, maybe carried a few boxes that were a little too heavy for me to be carrying. usually i feel pretty good { or at least so determined that i overlook feeling bad } while i'm working on things that it doesn't catch up with me until later, or the next morning { currently }--i wish i had a little pocket-sized doctor i could keep with me to tell me that box is far too heavy, its been an hour, time to sit down, you know, all those things i wish i'd thought of yesterday. so. lesson somewhat learned. i will Not do this to myself on sunday!


  1. I'm so sorry...I love you and hope you feel better soon. It's definitely stressful to move in times like these. :(

  2. thanks =) i am probably being more whiney than i should be though, i know its all going to get done, i'm just a little frustrated that i can't do as much as i used to...and lack of sleep is no help!