30 weeks!

Baby's size? about 16inches, 3lbs

Weight Gain?  13lbs

Stretch Marks? not yet!

Belly button in or out? in!

Sleep? a little better!! B set up this pillow-nest for me on the couch, so whenever i start feeling sick, i can sleep there sitting up a little more comfortably. it works pretty well! i end up getting up a lot in the night, but at least i am sleeping in between getting up.

Foods I am loving? nothing in particular. i do feel like i could drink a gallon of chocolate milk today. but B thinks i would probably immediately throw it up, so i am going to not do that.

Foods I am hating? nothing new

Best moment this week? when i discovered that if i lean back, i can see a bump in my stomach wherever she happens to be at the moment, and i can sometimes see her move that way! its so cool!

Symptoms? sickness, heartburn, & charlie horses in my legs and feet sometimes

Movement?  yes! she's still kicking around in there! and she loves to curl up on the right side of my body, right under my ribs. 

What I miss?  i used to NEVER get sick before i was pregnant. so i miss that. and also i wish i could run--not that i was very fast or prone to running before i was pregnant, i just feel so gargantuan and slow; i look at people running and i think it looks like sweet freedom.

What I'm looking forward to? my baby shower in a few week & moving & setting up her nursery! 

Emotions: i get frustrated sometimes with all the throwing up and not being able to carry boxes {  a disadvantage when in the midst of moving! }. i had No Idea how hard it was to be pregnant before i was pregnant! but overall, now that i am getting some sleep, i'm feeling a lot more optimistic!


  1. Only 10 weeks left!!! Oh my goodness...it's so close! I'm so excited for you! I'm dying to find out her name!

  2. I am so sorry you've been so sick your whole pregnancy. That really would be miserable, especially in the middle of summer and trying to move. Hang in there. You're so close!!