( home again )

{ 29weeks & growing }
today B and i are off work for the holiday--muchly needed, after my 4day visit home to tennessee { we missed each other }.

oh my, how i worked this past weekend! i thought my mom had exaggerated how much there was to be done--not the case! my sisters and i worked nonstop, sorting and packing. we got about 2/3rds of the attic done, which is quite the accomplishment, considering. saturday we had a vastly successful yardsale at my grandmas house, then sunday i went back home. my parents will be living in a smaller house so they had quite a bit of furniture for my new rental house--bookshelves! an antique dresser! NEW COUCHES!--well, not new exactly, since my parents have had them since i was in middle school, but they are very much more beautiful than the sort of sad looking college dorm room couches B and i have had since we got married. so we moved all that into the rental house and its starting to look more home-like { and less than 20 days until it is our home! }.

i think i might've worked a bit too hard though, since i was terribly sick saturday night and sunday--i wake up in the middle of the night throwing up sometimes, so strange!--but with lots of naps and resting today, i'm feeling much better and ready for the workweek { *edit*: nevermind that, lunch didn't stay down either. ahh!!! i want to EAT without Consequences!!!! }.

i'm so excited about all the changes coming up this month & i can't wait to settle into my new home!


  1. Yay for new/recycled furniture! I bet your home is coming together beautifully!

  2. i'm really excited about it~!! its pretty dissembled right now, but i'm hoping that i'll be able to get it all arranged and decorated by the middle of August at least =)

  3. Aww, that's awesome about the couches! You will have to post pictures when everything in your new place is all set up.

    You look so cute!