ribbons & bows

the clips can be taken off those headbands and changed up!

I made some hairbows for our little girl this weekend! they are on hairclips so i can clip them directly into her hair or onto one of these crocheted headbands.

::cost breakdown::
fabric: thrifted at the seminary, free!
headbands: 75 cents each at hobbylobby(i bought 3 in different colors)
hairclips: 12 for a dollar at the dollar store
total: $2.50, for 3 headbands and 12 interchangeable bows and flower clips!

definitely worth it!


  1. I would totally wear some of those hairbows...LOL. Put some on your etsy shop! Do you still have one? I would totally buy a bow from you! These are cute. :)

  2. thanks! a few of the flower ones i've thought about "borrowing" whenever the baby isn't wearing them ;)

    i still have an etsy shop but i haven't listed anything on there in a while--there is just So Much crafty stuff and mine isn't as good as a lot of other people's on there, so i got discouraged with it.