27 weeks!

my baby girl is due exactly 3 months from now! i can't believe how fast these past 6 months have gone!

Baby's size? as big as a head of cauliflower--around 14.5 inches, 2lbs

Weight Gain? 10lbs, right where i'd hoped to be at this point!  i will say though, i'm ashamed of how little i've exercised the past two weeks--i've just been going walking about 4x a week and my walks have gone from 30-45 minute walks to 20-30 minute walks--and i'm Winded at the end of them! i nearly passed out after our walk yesterday (and climbing the stairs to our 3rd floor apartment--thats hard sometimes after a long walk!). what happened to my plan to do aerobics all 9 months?!! i feel like a wimp. i hope all my muscles haven't turned to Jelly by the time the baby comes!

Stretch Marks? not yet!

Belly button in or out? in!

Sleep? some nights really well, other nights not so much. heartburn was keeping me up a lot of nights (then i bought some Tums and they helped tremendously), then last night i woke up with morning sickness (middle of the night sickness? is that normal?) and had trouble falling back to sleep after that.

Foods I am loving? nothing in particular, but i have developed more of a sweet tooth than i'd like over the past few weeks (due to my husband Spoiling me Rotten!!). so i'm back to limiting sweets to once a week, which i did manage to stick with this week, hurrah! 

Foods I am hating?  oh watermelon. i loved it so much a few weeks ago, then it made me sick and i love it no longer. and anything raspberry flavored too. also i'm off Chicken again! noooo!!!

Best moment this week?  B was giving me a hug after i brought him lunch at work and the baby kicked right when our bellies were pressed together! i love it whenever he can feel her kick! oh and also giving him his first Father's Day present (the Romans journible he's had his eye on!) from his "lovely ladies" (thats what he calls me and baby)--i got impatient and gave it to him a few days early--i love surprising him!

Symptoms? some morning sickness again, heartburn, and i've been easily worn out. being pregnant is hard work!

Movement? constantly!she's kicking right now, all along the side of my belly!

What I miss? 
being able to do the things i used to do, like running and aerobics. after the baby comes, i think i am going to take up running again since we won't be closeby the seminary aerobics classes anymore.

What I'm looking forward to?
moving and getting settled in the next month, so we can get everything ready for her. and, of course, meeting her for the first time! i can't wait to hold my baby!

Emotions: sometimes a little stressed when thinking about everything we need to get done before she comes, but i am doing my best to rest in God's promises--he has Always taken care of us!

Lately: monday i had my glucose test--i'll find out on the 20th if i "passed"--hopefully i did! my appointment went well--good blood pressure, weight, belly-size. the doctor listened to the baby's heartbeat and was like "whoa, its a party in there!" since our babygirl was, as usual, kickpunching away.

i Finally found some time in our schedules to start going to some of the free classes the hospital offers expecting parents. our top priority is the infant cpr class (we're signed up to attend in august), and i figured that we'll go to whatever else we have time for besides that one.

i went to a breastfeeding class on wednesday and it was Great! i'd read a few books before but going to a class really did make a difference, especially with the Q&A time. i liked learning about what all our hospital offers for breastfeeding moms--the government actually just started a program this year trying to promote breastfeeding in my state, since its got one of the Very lowest percentage of breastfeeding moms in the country (less than 1%!). a lot of the things that i had worried about them allowing, they actually encourage! that was comforting to know.

in a few weeks we're going to go together for a hospital tour and labor&delivery class, and i'm going to try to find time to go to a new baby basics class that they offer. the time is drawing nearer, so its good to feel a little more prepared!


  1. That's so awesome that your hospital offers all those classes for free! I've been putting off our labor & delivery and CPR classes because they're so expensive!

  2. oh i should clarify, they are all free except for the CPR class because of the certification thing, but its only $15, which is well worth it to me! i think that they're free because they only offer them so seldom--there's only 2 or 3 available times for me to take most of these classes before the baby comes, and some classes are already full (which is why i'm not sure i'll be able to do the new baby basics class, sad!)