valentine's day

my sweet husband sent me flowers at my office yesterday! Yellow lilies are my very favorite--one of our first valentine's together, he sent me an arrangement Exactly like this (and had a surprise fancy dinner for me complete with violin music and candlelight and I was just beside myself! he is such a romantic!).I brought them home to our apartment after work--there is nothing like coming home to that fresh-flower smell!

I had been feeling pretty sick  yesterday, so we stayed home and didn't do anything too fancy for the evening--I made us a nice dinner, watched one of my favorite romantic comedies (In the Land of Women) then we had some homemade chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, yum!

I love quiet evenings at home. Things have been so fast-paced and crazy lately, it was nice to have a night to slow down and relax together.


  1. Tyson got me flowers too - white roses. :) I don't like Valentine's candy, so flowers are always my top choice. ;)

  2. aw, that's so sweet!! i prefer flowers too =)