9 weeks!

Baby's size? the size of a large grape! and our baby has a mouth, nose, and tiny earlobes!

Weight Gain? I've lost about 6lbs since I've been pregnant. The doctor says that isn't bad though, it is very common and I should gain it back in the 2nd trimester if I don't start to gain it back in the next month. I think my stomach looks like its poking out a bit though--but maybe it always has done that, haha!

Stretch marks? No!

Belly button in or out? In!

Sleep? I've had lots of strange dreams that wake me up. Plus, getting up to go to the bathroom a lot. What I like best is to take naps at random times in the day; my work schedule doesn't really allow that though, so I sleep a lot on the weekends.

Foods I am loving? I had a real hankering for homemade spinach pizza this week. And sweet tea (haven't indulged that one though, since it has caffeine). The potato, in any form, is delicious. Other than that, nothing really, its hard to find anything I like right now.

Foods I am hating? Same stuff--chicken, pastas, eggs. Apple pie and Burgers are now moved from the Craving list to the Can't Eat list.

Best moment this week? Visiting B.'s brother and sister-in-law and watching him with our nephew. He is going to be such a good dad!

Movement? I can't feel anything yet--I wish I could!

Symptoms? Still sick. Some days are worse than others though--today hasn't been too bad, I only got sick twice, but this past Thursday was the worst I've ever been. I've tried just about every remedy I've been recommended...at least I only have a few more weeks!

What I miss? being an adventurous eater.

What I will miss? Fitting into my clothes lol

What I'm looking forward to? My second doctor appointment this coming week, and seeing my mom next weekend!

Emotions: A few times I felt a little overwhelmed with all the stuff there is to know about labor and delivery and doctors and baby gear and what have you. But that stuff can be kind of fun to research. Mostly I'm just feeling relaxed and content, and excited about all the changes that are going on in our lives right now.


  1. I make sweet tea using decaf tea bags from the grocery store...have you thought about trying that? It's really hard to find decaf options besides Sprite and water at restaurants. :-/

  2. good idea! i'm heading to the store today to pick up miscellaneous cravings foods and things for our valentine's dinner, so i'll have to look for those there. it is really hard to find good stuff at restaurants though for sure! i've mostly just been drinking water--which i know is best anyway, sometimes i just want something else though

  3. I was going to suggest the same thing as Heather about the sweet tea! And the occasional caffeinated beverage really is fine; I've read and also was told by my doctor that as long as you stay under 200 mg of caffeine a day, you're safe. (For a frame of reference, a can of Coke has about 35 mg.) I have actually come to love Sprite Zero, though. It's my drink of choice when I want something besides water!

  4. that is good to hear! i haven't had any caffeine at all and i've been staying away from artificial sweetener. some days i could sure use one though. good to know i can have a coke guilt-free =)