Home again.

Christmas was the best we'd had in years. Jonesboro & Memphis, beard-hats, gatherings of the entire family and the family friends I grew up with, trivia night and cooking Italian with my little sis...it was the first time that I really felt like part of the family when I was with my in-laws (not by their fault, I am hard to get to know). And all the things in my family that had been worrying me seemed gone (and for once the seeming was enough).

I don't have work til Monday, so tomorrow will be for getting caught up on the to-do list that grew in our absence. Grocery shopping and such. Redecorating, thanks to my mom's clever and much appreciated gift of slipcovers, tablecloths, and various apartment beautifying things ( is it true that the new look will help this year go faster?). A last edit on my manuscript then mailing it to Louise for her critique-- it has taken me all year to work up the nerve to send it to her, and i am glad it took that long, since it is a much better book Now.

Tonight I am tired but restless..feeling a little overwhelmed by it all and a little overcome too. But I think things will look better in the morning.


  1. What are you feeling overwhelmed by, friend? Just crashing after all the travel, or is anything bothering you? :(

  2. part-way crashing from travel (shouldn't blog when half-awake lol) and part-way overwhelmed by the idea of one more year of seminary, and everything we have to do this year--move again, find jobs, etc etc. of course it doesn't have to be done all at once, but thinking of it all at once, its so intimidating!

  3. It's definitely intimidating...but you guys have an exciting year ahead of you!!! :)