embellished cardigan DIY

Friday I found this plain cardigan set in the seminary thrift store (for free!). Its from The Limited, but was kind of boring, so I decided to DIY an embellished cardigan.



I was going to add some more lace down the front, but it was starting to venture into grandma-land with that much lace. I think just this little bit added makes it more unique.


  1. I Love the lace you added!! I think it's just the perfect amount. Where do you get all your amazing lace? And how did you add it? I love your new cardigan! :)

  2. thanks! i got the lace from this lace tablecloth i found at the seminary thriftstore, and I just hand-stitched it on. I'm not very good with a sewing machine (yet) but i love hand-sewing! this was Really easy to make, you should give it a shot =)

  3. Oooh, that look so pretty!

    And I need to find a thrift store where things are free. :)

  4. the seminary thriftstore is pretty much amazing. i get all my craft-project fabric there, and sometimes some cute clothes too!