Excerpt from a letter from Beatrice, a friend of my Mawmaw’s

I lived right next door to your grandmother and grandfather, Sudie and Dutch, on Geurney in Memphis, we were young then and loved being neighbors. I have many happy memories of them and the children. Especially do I recall Martha Sue and her great taste for BLTs. . .
I quickly recognized your grandmother’s squirrel brooch in Rachel Sets Up House. I see in your work—family—so many phases—real pictures, real people, real happenings. Keep up your talent. The world today (in my late life) needs less TV, film, “excitement” (trash). More peaceful memories. Have I said too much? Bear in mind I’m 95 and I still love to write and read—thank you God! 

Thank you again,
Mrs. Beatrice Hill



  1. Um, that's the best letter ever written. So cool!

  2. I love, in particular, her reference to "excitement" (trash). Haha. She is amazing!

  3. I hope I am like her when/if I am 95!