miscellany vol. 17

Oh I probably should say the past couple weeks have been hard—our fridge broke, our house taxes went up, I popped one of the tires on bryan’s car (not just got a flat—Popped it! with really bad driving, trying to get out of our driveway in a hurry), and the literary magazine for which I am advisor is behind in getting the issue together (oh I’m getting more mouth ulcers just thinking about it!). just life as usual. i feel a bit like "hurricane renee" with all the mess i make.
But I had someone I was praying for very hard for a very long time make an unexpected turn toward the better, and I am so happy. 

In the kitchen:
I’ve made Saturdays my “try a new recipe” days; with no internet in the house, I haven’t tried as many new things as I did when I had pinterest at my fingertips. But last week I started going through old magazines (of which I have way too many) and clipping recipes that sound interesting. this week’s adventure:  sweet potato and chorizo sausage lasagna

In the Notebook:
I read in order of interlibrary-loan-due-date, and the Southern Poetry Anthology: Appalachia is due first. I loved the volume on Tennessee, and this one has not disappointed me. One of my favorite things about reading an anthology is discovering new (to me) poets that I can later stalk..i mean, research..and find more of their work, and I’m only halfway through but have added four new poets to my read-more-later list. 

I also wrote a new poem this week, and I finally sent out a few submissions! It’s been a year since I’ve sent my work out anywhere, so it feels like starting over in a way. 

Also, bryan has been writing like crazy lately! Songs and a book too. we actually bickered over writing time the other day. I love it!

The Little One:

over spring break, we traveled to visit the in-laws; zu had so much fun with her cousins, and, for some reason, a mild discipline problem we’d been having disappeared when we got back. Had she just been bored? Who knows. She is a pretty easy-going child. 

The Littlest:
Cruising along the couches and chairs. Every once in a while, she’ll turn, look out, and think about walking. she’s all about table food now—I can barely get her to eat babyfood when there’s chicken and broccoli and cheese to be had. Too bad she has no teeth yet—teeth bring a whole new world of possibilities.

Last Thoughts:
1. I keep forgetting that my birthday is next week
2. My book comes out in less than a month (april 2nd! Mark your calendars!)
3. I ought to do a proper blogpost soon, instead of my typical hodge-podge.


  1. I haven't been getting your updates lately! I just came by to check on your blog and saw two new posts. :) What is Bryan working on? I'd love to hear more! I think you're probably right about Zuzu being bored. I notice the same thing with Milo and Linus. After we get away from the house for even just an afternoon, discipline problems do seem to go away. It's hard being stuck in the house in cold weather, doing the same things everyday. I always have to remind myself that kids are just like adults - they need order, but they also enjoy new experiences, getting out of the house, and seasoned food (I get frustrated when Milo wants ketchup on his chicken because I feel like it's "less healthy" but I don't like eating plain chicken either!).

    1. i don't know why feedly does that with my blog, i haven't changed any settings that i'm aware of!

      bryan is working on a novel!! i think his idea is really exciting--when he has more written, would you want to read it?

      and have you ever tried that corn-syrup free all natural ketchup that hunts makes? i buy that at home and like it.

    2. I'd love to read Bryan's novel! I'm sure Tyson would, too, if Bryan is open to letting others read.

      I actually do buy pretty healthy ketchup. I buy organic ketchup made without high fructose corn syrup, but it still has sugar in it, so I feel a little bad giving it to him since he doesn't do well with sugar. :p

  2. That's so cool that Bryan's writing a novel! I am sorry that things have been stressful recently. Summer is just around the corner!