weekly miscellany: vol. 5

having two under two is no joke y'all. i am worn out, head to toe. i had the girls on my own today (and tomorrow and sunday too) and besides zu eating a crayon and trying to lay on june once, i consider the day a success. i didn't get out of pajamas, but i did do the dishes and folded some long abandoned laundry that i washed sometime last week. zu is eating an early dinner (her nap was sadly short today) while bryan plays guitar and june sleeps. and some friends ordered pizza for us tonight, so i don't even have to cook!

~ the little one:
loves her new "zu-zu's shoe-shoes".  they light up and velcro.

has had a tantrum at bedtime almost every night for the past few weeks. at first i felt more sorry and concerned about the crying but i'm growing more immune to it. bryan works nights and i'm the soft one, so at first i was going in and rocking her and putting her back to bed again and again, but i'm honestly too tired and too busy with june to keep doing that, so this week we resolved to come in once to tell her to cut it out but after that to just let her howl. a little crying never hurt anyone.

discovered Shaun the Sheep this week. i think bryan and i like it more than she does, and we're picky about what kids shows we let her watch. aside from content concerns, we also don't let her watch anything that we find too annoying or dumb, which excludes lots of kids shows.

~ the littlest:
june has her days and nights mixed a bit so i've not gotten much sleep this week. typically she wants to party from around 11pm to 3am. just the time of night that i like to be sleeping...

other than that, she's the sweetest little thing.

~ favorite links this week: 

unexpected summer { ruminate magazine }
Maybe it is the dizzying amount of light and heat that comes with the season, but I have the strange conviction that there are hours enough in the day. That the harvest will come and it will be bountiful.

happy weekending!


  1. Milo's naps have recently gotten shorter, too. Of course, I have no right to complain because I'm not taking care of a newborn during nap time. He used to sleep AT LEAST 3 hours after lunch and it's been cut in half this past week... he's been napping about an hour and a half now. That was my time for eating lunch and doing chores (and of course napping on days I'm tired) and now there's pretty much only time to eat lunch and get relaxed enough to just FALL asleep... only to wake up and realize I fell asleep about 10 minutes ago... ugh. It sounds like you're doing really great caring for two kids though! I've heard that the transition from one to two is even harder than the transition from zero to one...

    1. zu only naps an hour now =( 3hrs is supposed to be normal for their age, i think i've heard that anyway.

      bryan and i think that it was much harder going from 0 to 1, but we also knew absolutely nothing about babies before zuzu! so i guess it depends on the couple and their "baby preparedness" lol

  2. Oh, and I just thought of this... I wonder if the reason Zu has been crying at bedtime is because she sees June is still awake or that you're still with June. Of course, there's nothing you can do about that (at least until June is old enough to have the same bedtime as Zu). She might feel like her mommy time is being cut short unfairly. I'm sure you've already thought of all this...and, like you said, there's not much you can do about it when you have to care for a newborn and deal with your own physical limitations on top of everything else!

    1. yesterday was one of the days that bryan was actually home during the evening, so he put her to bed and she didn't shed a single tear!! what gives???! so maybe its a mommy jealousy thing!

  3. I know you must be so, so tired! I hope that Zu's sleeping habits improve. I am currently listening to Charlotte howling from her bedroom, so I empathize. Sigh.

    1. yep. we must be strong! ;)