weekly miscellany: vol. 4

hello on a rainy friday.

my sweet newborn is deeply sleeping sprawled out on my chest and belly and my toddler is having her afternoon snack. i love it when the house is peaceful and still like this, only the sound of rain and baby noises.

today is my first full, nine-hour day alone with the girls. bryan works nights so typically he is home to help me, except during bedtime, which hasn't been too bad to handle on my own. two more hours until he is home.

it hasn't been as bad as i anticipated. i admit, i was a little scared--zu is enough to keep up with on her own, let alone with a newborn in the mix!  there were a few times where i was nursing june and zu needed immediate attention or got into mischief while i was changing a diaper. for the most part though she has been a good girl. and june is a very good baby. so i am a lucky mommy.

~ the little one
zu's language skills really took off this month! mouse, bubbles, crackers, potty, keys, cold, oven, bottle, baby...those are all the new ones i can think of, but i'm sure there are some i'm leaving out.
she loves helping us with baby sister--getting diapers out, picking out her onesies, washing her bountiful hair, fetching the paci. we try to include her in as much as we can.

she has a fascination with the potty. her old bumbo is a pretend potty now. she likes us to read "prudence's potty" to her several times a day. all of her stuffed animals "go potty" on this babydoll potty she has. we really wanted to wait to potty train her but maybe we should give it a shot early, since she has so much interest? 

zu's new favorite show: The Mouse (old mickey mouse cartoons on netflix)

zu's new favorite pasttime: playing with the "bubbles" (hose)

~ the littlest
june is such a sweet baby. i'd forgotten how much i love holding a newborn. last time i was so stressed and dealing with ppd and not myself, i don't think i truly enjoyed this phase like i am now. even with being tired and sometimes overwhelmed, i feel really happy.

so, miss june does have her days and nights mixed up a little. her eating/waking up cycles happen in the first part of the night-- a cycle of nursing, falling asleep while nursing, pooping while she's asleep, getting changed, waking up while she's getting changed, and then remembering that she's hungry again.

that has kept me up quite a bit the past few weeks but she has some good five hour stretches of sleep, usually from around 2am to 7 or 8, then again in the late afternoons/early evenings. that second five hour stretch has been a huge blessing--its allowed me to have a good bedtime routine with zu and to have some zu and mommy bonding time, which i think she really needs right now.

bryan has been really great about taking care of zu in the morning so i can sleep in with june. i try to get up early with zu sometimes but i'm so tired i physically can't do it. once i start getting more sleep, i'd love to be able to take a walk every morning just me and zu.

my goals for the next week are to get june to sleep in her bassinet more at night and not co-sleep with me and to fully start cloth diapering again. 

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have a great weekend!


  1. Yay! It sounds like things are going awesome! I prayed for you this morning when I remembered it was your first full day alone - it sounds like you three had a wonderful day. :)

    1. it really wasn't bad at all! i think the prayers made the difference!

  2. Aw, I'm so glad you had a good first day alone! I've been thinking about you a lot and praying for you, especially regarding nursing. I hope things are going well.

    1. thank you so much for the prayers! nursing has been much much easier this time around, but it is truly truly difficult to nurse her and keep up with zu when i'm home with them myself all day--not sure how long i'll keep it up because of that, but that is a whole nother blogpost ;)