weekly miscellaney: vol. 6

this summer has been so quiet and lovely.  i'm trying to learn to be a little less intense. well, i'm infinitely less intense than i was in college, but in general. things don't have to be perfect and i don't have to achieve. a firstborn daughter, this is a hard lesson for me to learn. i've been so happy this summer, in the sloppy not-my-best, the house a little slovenly, the dinners less than spectacular, my writing non-existent or less than inspired. i've been pretty happy just doing what i can do though. amazing!

~ the little one
the nighttime tantrums are over! last week and this week i began ignoring it at night, and she stopped pretty quick.

one of my friends suggested bringing in zu's toddler slide since its too hot for me to bring the baby out, and that has been so much fun this week! zu plays with her slide in the sunroom much more than she ever played with it outside.

we've also had a few playdates this week--one on tuesday and one this afternoon. i think playdates can be just as refreshing for me as they are for her--it was so good to sit and talk with another mom for hours and hours.

~ the littlest 
june slept four hours straight last night! woohoo! i think that is the longest stretch of sleep that i've had since she was born.

she had her first bath this week, and there were no tears! she is truly a chill baby

~ in the notebook
the notebook is primarily blank as of late--still on writing maternity leave!--but i have started reading the kingdom of the ditch by todd davis. so far it is my favorite of his poetry collections. i haven't read any poetry in at least a month; reading these poems has been like eating a really delicious dessert.

i find myself phrasing and rephrasing things in my mind and connecting images to descriptions--so i think some new poems will be coming soon. right now they are just brewing in my mind.

also, i found out that a couple of my students got their first publications over the summer! so exciting! when i teach creative writing, i'm never sure how many will keep writing afterward, how many will pursue writing beyond the classroom. i'm happy to see them get that kind of encouragement early on.

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have a great weekend!


  1. Well said! I wish we had more young moms in our church plant-- most of them have older kids and are homeschooling, so they're not free to get together on weekdays. Hopefully we'll be able to welcome some younger families soon!

    1. i hope so too, i know i've really appreciated the young moms i've gotten to know and am getting to know here!

  2. I'm glad Zu's nighttime troubles have abated. We have stopped going in to Charlotte's room after we put her down for the night, and tonight it was only 30 minutes before she fell asleep (this is MAJOR progress, believe me!).

    You sound like you are doing really well and enjoying life. I am so glad!

    1. that is how zuzu is right now too--30 minutes of chattering to herself instead of an hour or two of screaming! it is so much less stressful!

  3. Thanks for the link love! We had a major setback with Gareth--he and Emmie were up past midnight on Saturday! Glad Zu's tantrums have stopped. Gareth seems to have turned a corner again as well.